Site Development

Sippel Development Co., Inc. (Sippel) began site work operations for all types of development in the late 1990's, including both commercial and residential projects. The sites consist of industrial, distribution, retail centers, heavy highway, medical facilities, warehouses, office buildings, hotels and residential communities. Our scope includes earthwork, storm water management, erosion controls and all relevant utilities being sanitary, water, gas and electric.


Sippel Development Co., Inc. (Sippel) installs utility lines with our highly qualified crews. These crews safety records rank them among the highest in the nation in safety. Utilities provided include sanitary lines, pump stations, water lines, meter pits, storm water lines, roof drains, and both above and underground detention/retention systems. Backfilling services are provided for gas, electric and cable lines. Sippel's crews are expertly trained for confined space and deep trenching activiti

Roads and Highways

Sippel Development Co., Inc. (Sippel) is fully qualified to perform any type of work required on roadways in Pennsylvania ranging from the smallest unpaved roadways to the Commonwealth and PennDot roadways. A large portion of our work relates to private projects that require upgrades or modifications to PennDot intersections and roadways adjoining our projects.

Soil Stabilization

Sippel Development Co., Inc. (Sippel) provides soil stabilizing activities for both large and small projects with our in-house stabilizing equipment. Services include lime and cement stabilization and soil and roadway reclamation with depths up to two feet from the surface.

Equipment Rentals

Sippel Development Co., Inc. (Sippel) owns and operates a fleet of equipment for all types of site development. We own several of the largest pieces of earth moving equipment needed for both commercial and residential projects.

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Sippel Development Co., Inc. (Sippel) uses state of the art technology to perform estimating and project management services for all of our customers. We also utilize GPS equipment on our heavy machinery to deliver the most accurate product well within our milestone project dates.