The Crossings at State College

Ferguson Twp., PA

Timeframe: April 2017 - Present

Job Description:
4 Acre site located in Ferguson Twp., PA. Will be a single multi-use building.

Intergrated Construction LLC
300 W Adams Street, Suite 650
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Contract Amount: $2,072,486.00

Services Performed:
Clearing & grubbing. Install & maintenance of E&S. Install retaining walls. 20,000 CY of earthwork, 2,000 LF of storm, 700 LF of Sanitary, 1,000 LF of water, and 1,300 LF of dry utilities.

Moxham Phase II

Johnstown, PA

Timeframe: July 2017 - Present

Job Description:
Moxham Phase II Sanitary/Storm Sewer Separation Project, Contracts 2017-03 and 2017-04.

The City of Johnstown
401 Main Street
Johnstown, PA 15901

Contract Amount: $9,657,154.00

Services Performed:
Construction of approximately 17,630 linear feet of 8 inch sanitary sewer pipe via open-trench, 300 linear feet of 18” sanitary sewer pipe via open-trench, rehabilitation of approximately 15,360 linear feet of existing 8 inch sanitary sewer pipe via Cured-In-Place-Pipe, 154 precast concrete manholes, 56 manhole rehabilitations, and approximately 12,888 linear feet of 6 inch service laterals and related work. The storm sewer separation also includes installation of approximately 2800 linear feet of various size storm sewer pipe, approximately 30 inlets and 30 storm manholes. The work includes all required lawn, concrete curb and sidewalk, and bituminous paving restoration. The project is located in the Moxham area of the City of Johnstown.

Jackson’s Point Phase 3

Jackson Twp., PA

Timeframe: March 2017 - Present

Job Description:
40 Acre site located at the intersection of 19 & 528 in Jackson Twp. The site will be used for retail, office, & restaurant space.

The Buncher Company
1300 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Contract Amount: $2,135,945.99

Services Performed:
Clearing & grubbing, install and maintenance of erosion control, 645k CY of earth moving, 2,308 LF of sanitary, and 1,800 LF of Storm.

Friendship Village Senior Residential Development

South Hills Village, PA

Timeframe: July 2017 - Present

Job Description:
This project consists of providing new infrastructure by preforming demo activities on existing buildings and pavement. The new infrastructure will be utilities, paving, and earthwork for the new facility.

Lecesse Construction
75 Thruway Park Drive
West Henrietta, NY 14586

Contract Amount: $3,160,526.00

Services Performed:
Erosion control, 60,000 CY of excavation, clearing and grubbing, demolition, 1,200 LF of sanitary, 10,160 LF of storm, waterline, gas, electric, concrete and asphalt paving, and retaining walls.

Ebensburgh Sewer Improvements

Ebensburg, PA

Timeframe: May 2018 - Present

Job Description:
Sanitary Sewer Improvements to the existing sanitary system within Ebensburg Borough, Cambria County, PA

Ebensburg Municipal Authority
300 West High Street
Ebensburg, PA 15931

Contract Amount: $8,420,967.00

Services Performed:
The project consists of the construction of approximately 80,000 lineal feet of conventional gravity sewer main ranging in size from 4” to 21” diameter, approximately 2,000 lineal feet of storm sewer, manholes, laterals, horizontal borings, inlets, and all necessary appurtenances. The work also includes restoration of lawns, sidewalks, curbs, and paved surfaces.

Middlesex Crossings

Middlesex Twp., PA

Timeframe: April 2017 - Present

Job Description:
95 Acre site located at the intersection of Rte. 8 & 228 in Middlesex Twp. Site is a mixed use development with town homes, single family homes, as well as retail & professional buildings.

NWPA Development, LP
1272 Mars Evan City Road
Evan City, PA 16033

Contract Amount: $2,513,428.42

Services Performed:
Clearing & grubbing, install and maintenance of erosion control, 630k CY of earth moving, 14,000 LF of storm pipe, and 12,000 LF of Sanitary.

Cooper Twp Waste Water Collection and Conveyance System

Cooper Township, P

Timeframe: February 2018 – Present

Job Description:
The work consists of the installation of 39,500 linear feet of 6” and 8” gravity sanitary sewer pipe, 5,500 linear feet of 1-1/2” and 2” force main pipe, a sanitary sewer lift station, and two residential grinder pumps stations and all required appurtenances.

Cooper Township Municipal Authority
59 Steltz Road
Danville, PA 17821

Contract Amount: $2,854,554.00

Services Performed:
All site work including excavation, dewatering, bedding, pipe installation, backfill, paving and surfacing, topsoil, seeding and mulching, soil erosion and sedimentation control, diversion of stream flows, stream crossings, and horizontal boring necessary for the installation of sanitary sewer piping across state highways, manholes, lateral connections, pumping stations, alignment testing, air testing, infiltration testing and vacuum testing.